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About Maryland State Library Agency (MSLA)​

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Maryland State Library Agency (MSLA)​ is an independent agency. We provide strategic leadership, resources, and programmatic support to Maryland libraries to transform lives.

As the state library agency for Maryland, the Maryland State Library Agency administers State and Federal funds to support Maryland libraries in their mission to offer outstanding resources, programs, and excellent customer service. Responsibilities include oversight of the Maryland State Library for the Blind and Print Disabled; Maryland’s Public Libraries; the State Library Network; the Library Capital Grants Programs; and the Deaf Culture Digital Library.

Goals 2018-2022

  • MSL will strengthen libraries’ institutional capacity through collaborative continuing education and staff development opportunities that will create a strong and innovative library workforce. 

  • MSL will help libraries improve access to information for their users.

  • MSL will help libraries develop lifelong learning opportunities in order to improve users’ formal education and general knowledge and skills.

  • ​MSL will help libraries foster economic and employment development opportunities in order to facilitate job growth in Maryland.

Annual Reports

2020 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

2022 Annual Report​​


MSL's statement on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion