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BARD being displayed on phone

Braille & Audio Recording Download (BARD) ​

What is BARD?

BARD (Braille and Audio Reading Download) is a free library service of downloadable braille and audio reading material for residents of the United States and U.S. citizens living abroad who are unable to read or use standard printed material because of visual or physical disabilities. BARD provides access to thousands of special-format books, magazines, and music scores.​​ ​​ This service is only available to NLS/LBPD patrons. ​

For direct access to the BARD website


How do I access BARD?

BARD can be accessed either via the BARD Mobile Application on a Smart Device or through the BARD Website

BARD Mobile

​​BARD Mobile is a mobile application you can download to an iOS or Android smart device.  

Instructional videos:

​​​BARD on a DTB/BARD Website

To download and read a book on your Digital Talking Book Player, you will need a flash drive/thumb drive that has enough space to hold multiple books. LBPD recommends flash drives no smaller than 4 GB, which can hold about 20 books. 

Note: BARD files cannot be played on a computer as they are encrypted. To use the BARD website files, you will need a Digital Talking Book Player. ​Only patrons of LBPD can qualify for a Digital Talking Book Player. 

​Additional Information:

For additional information about qualifications for service, click here: