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MSL Staff Directory


  • Irene Padilla
    State Librarian
  • Renee Croft
    Library Facilities Project Manager

Public Libraries and State Networking Branch

  • Tamar Sarnoff
    Chief, Public Libraries and State Networking Branch
  • Nini Beegan
    Organizational Learning & Innovation Projects Coordinator
  • Carrie Sanders
    Youth Services Coordinator
  • Vacant
    Data, Communication, and Services Coordinator
  • Mary Rayme
    Library Grants Coordinator (LSTA)

Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

  • Leslie Bowman
  • John Owen
    Assistant Branch Chief
  • Amanda Gonzalez
    Reference and Outreach Librarian
  • Mary Ramos
    Collection Development Librarian
  • Ashley Biggs
    Outreach Librarian
  • LaShawn Myles
    Youth Librarian
  • Joe Beckett
    Education Coordinator, MAT Program