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The Maryland State Library is proud to introduce the Maryland Day by Day Family Literacy Activity Calendar. This calendar is designed to be a “Forever” calendar, meaning it can be used over again, year after year.  Each month contains little boxes in which to fill the dates (ideally, with a pencil!) so that the days/dates can be changed the next year.  bunny reading a book

​We hope that this calendar provides your family with a love of learning to span the entire year, from January to December.​

Enjoy FREE interactivities for every month by clicking a link below! Each month has a downloadable PDF calendar, as well as an interactives for families to enjoy. 

Want to download the FULL calendar? Click Here​.

A New Experience Coming Soon

We are currently developing a new and improved version of the digital "day by day" calendar. The new calendar will be interactive, engaging, and best of all, able to be used on mobile devices! Watch in the coming weeks for more details! 

​​Thank You IMLS!

This project was​ made possible by a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services.