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Teleconference Series: 2020

The Maryland State Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped often provides excellent programs via phone. ​ Each teleconference program is provided FREE of charge and in collaboration with another agency or organization.  Registration is Recommended; Materials such as handouts and notes and copies of any recordings will be sent via email exclusively.  Recordings will not be posted. ​​​

2020: Your Health in Focus

The following events are presented in collaboration with the University of Maryland Extension, Family and Consumer Services Office​Registration is Required; Materials such as handouts and notes and copies of any recordings will be sent via email exclusively.  Recordings will not be posted.  

For a PDF of all classes, dates, and times, please click here: 

​Dates and Times:

Each program is scheduled to be the 2nd Wednesday at 6:30 PM 
of every month unless otherwise noted. 

​​January 8, ​​2020​​​

​​Intuitive Eating: A Non-Diet Approach to Health

THIS PROGRAM HAS PASSED.​ ​Each New Year, we tend to make a renewed commitment to diet and exercise. We hit the gym every day...until we miss one afternoon...and then another...and then another. We deprive ourselves of our favorite foods only to be invited to a holiday party where resisting temptation is nearly impossible... Join Erin Jewell as she introduces a new approach to your health that focuses less on militant diet and exercise and more on actively connecting with your body. Learn how to reframe your focus from negative thoughts about eating and exercise to finding satisfaction with some of your favorite foods and enjoyment of how your body moves.​​ 

​​February 12, 2020​​​​

​8 Nutrition Tips to Lower Your Cancer Risk

THIS PROGRAM HAS PASSED.​ ​ February is National Cancer Prevention Month! Did you know that every year, nearly 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with some form of cancer? About 20 percent of all cancer diagnoses in the United States are linked to diet, excess weight and inactivity. Eating a healthy diet, including the types of foods and how much you consume, can affect your lifetime risk of developing certain cancers. Join Beverly Jackey, a Registered Dietitian, to learn about the link between diet and cancer, receive some recommendations to lower your cancer risk, and learn how to put these cancer prevention recommendations ‘on your plate.’​ Register here:

​March 11, 2020

Dietitians: Serving Up Nutritional Savy!

THIS PROGRAM HAS PASSED.​ ​ What do you think of when you think "dietitian?" Do you think of a person, sitting at a desk, saying that we shouldn't eat anything that actually has taste? On this national day recognizing registered dietitians/nutritionists, learn more about the connections between diabetes, healthy eating, and eye health.  Why is consulting with an RDN a good idea?  Join Cheryl Bush, a registered dietitian, in this discussion to encourage embracing a healthier diabetes lifestyle.​​​

​April 8, 2020

​Vitamin D: What You Need to Know

THIS PROGRAM HAS PASSED.​​ Vitamin D. We've all heard of it. But what is it? It's often called the Sunshine Vitamin, but what does it actually do for us? ​​Join Dr. Mona Habibi for a discussion on the role of Vitamin D in our body. Learn how Vitamin D is produced, discuss the best time to have our Vitamin D levels checked, and how to supplement it when it is low. Register here:

​May 13, 2020

Depression and Nutrition  

THIS PROGRAM HAS PASSED.​​ Although it is common, depression is not a normal part of aging. New research is finding that nutrition can play a significant role in the prevention and treatment of depression in older adults. Join Jeanette Jeffrey for a discussion about the role nutrition plays in the mental health of older adults. 
Register here:​Con

​June 10, 2020

​Superfoods for the Brain 

​​​THIS PROGRAM HAS PASSED.​​​ Superfoods. It's the buzzwords that nutritional magazines love to highlight. But what are they - and how do they affect your brain? Superfoods are touted as the key to delaying, preventing, and even reversing diseases like dementia, cancer of the brain, and depression. Join Lisa McCoy for a discussion on what superfoods are (and aren't), what they do for the human brain, and how simple lifestyle factors can influence their effectiveness. 
Register here:​​

​July 8, 2020

​Capture the Flavor: ​Herbs and Spices​

​​​THIS PROGRAM HAS PASSED.​ ​Learn how to cut down on salt and sugar and 'spice' up your food with these 'flavoring agents' so it's healthier and tastes good. Beverly Jackey is a Family and Consumer Science Educator at the University of Maryland Extension (UME). As a member of UME’s Healthy Living Action Teams, she develops and provides community programming and outreach in the areas of nutrition and chronic disease prevention and management, food safety, and healthy home environments in Maryland’s Upper Shore Cluster that includes Cecil, Kent, and Queen Anne's Counties.

Register here:​​​

​August 12, 2020

​​Managing and Resolving Health Insurance Conflicts

​​​THIS PROGRAM HAS PASSED.​​ You visit your primary care, looking for some relief from a stubborn cough. A routine exam and a prescription later, you're on your way. Then the bill comes and you learn that the labs taken for testing aren't covered by your health insurance company... what do you do? Health insurance can be confusing, especially when there are unexpected charges or non-covered claims.  John Dorothy Nuckols to learn the processes and resources to help you resolve conflicts with your health insurance companies, as well as strategies to prevent disputes before they happen. Register here:​​

​September 9, 2020 

​​Undercooked: The Truth About Food Safety

​​​THIS PROGRAM HAS PASSED.​​ ​ ​Why can't you eat cookie dough raw? At what temperature is chicken considered cooked? How long can milk sit out before it spoils? It doesn't matter how long you've been preparing meals - these are all questions we have asked ourselves from time to time. Join Dr. Shauna Henley to learn about the latest science and techniques to prevent foodborne illnesses. Return home with confidence and knowledge to avoid kitchen calamity.  Register here:

​October 14, 2020

​Alone for the Holidays: Isolation & Depression

​​The holidays are fast approaching and for millions, it's a joyous time. However, for far too many, the holidays are socially isolating, anxiety-filled times - even when visiting with family and friends. Join Dhruti Patel to discuss social isolation, depression, and stress during the holiday season. Learn to prevent isolation and depression for yourself and those you care about. Get your favorite cup of coffee or tea and an open mind to talk about this difficult topic. Register here:

​November 11, 2020

Credit Reports and Scores 101

​​You've heard the commercials. "Credit Karma." "Experian Cares." Confused? Who isn't!?! Let's tackle credit head-on. Join Patricia Maynard and Carrie Sorenson who will discuss the basics of credit history, explain how to get your free credit report, and share information about how credit scores work! Register here: 

​December 9, 2020​

​Holiday Fraud Watch: ​Protecting Your Identity ​

We hear about it every day - another person has had their identity stolen. But identity theft isn't just about stealing money or making fraudulent purchases. Thieves can use your personally identifiable information to apply for jobs, file taxes, and obtain benefits or medical services. Older adults and people with disabilities are especially vulnerable to identity theft. Join Crystal Terhune to learn how to prevent and protect yourself from fraud, how to discover if something isn't right, and what to do if you discover a problem. ​Register here:​​


Additional Teleconferences

Listed below are additional teleconferences hosted by the Maryland State Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, and held in conjunction with other organizations. Registration is not required for these programs, but recommended; Materials such as handouts and notes and copies of any recordings will be sent via email exclusively.  Recordings will not be posted. 

Going Blind Movie Discussion

​LBPH is excited to share that we will be having a facilitated discussion with the director of Going Blind, Joseph Lovett, and the Lovett Production's Manager, Jordan Hawks. This event will be held via teleconference and will feature patron submitted questions. 

Patrons are encouraged to watch the film Going Blind by April 30th. Then on May 4th, join us for a facilitated discussion about the film, featuring your questions. 

Movie summary: 
GOING BLIND is a documentary film by Peabody Award-winning producer/director Joseph Lovett, that looks at each aspect of vision loss: detecting, treating, and coping. Joe Lovett has glaucoma, a disease that robs 4.5 million people worldwide of their vision. After years of slowly losing his sight, Joe decides to take action: to investigate how people all over the country respond to vision loss. His search begins in his home of New York City with people Joe meets on the streets, and gradually leads him to places and people around the country, all of different ages and backgrounds. Each has a fascinating story about dealing with the vision loss caused by sight-robbing diseases, infections, and accidents.  

To watch the film:
Original Version: 

With Captions: 

With audio descriptions: 

To submit up to 3 questions for the facilitated discussion, please click here:

Then join us Monday, May 4th at 6:30 PM via our teleconference line: (319) 527-4994 to listen to the facilitated discussion. 

Past Teleconferences

If you are interested in past library teleconferences, please contact:

​​​Disclaimer: Information provided, comments, and views expressed during the ​​teleconference do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Maryland State Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. ​​