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Woman at laptop, smart speaker in the forefront

​​Technology User Group: 2021

The Technology User Group is a gathering of like-minded individuals with varying degrees of technological skill meeting together to explore and discuss new technologies and services. Such technologies may include emerging advancements in blindness-related apps, but they also include older applications whose functions have been altered so that they now have properties to assist in the nonvisual arena. We are especially interested in technologies that aid in education, employment, and continued access to information. Meetings are held virtually via teleconference, please dial ​​ 319-527-4994. 

​For more information about the Technology User Group or to recommend a topic/technology for discussion, please contact:

Jerry Price, (410) 230-2446 or via email​​

Upcoming Events:

All events are currently being held via teleconference until further notice. No programs will be held in person. 
please dial ​ 319-527-4994​ at 10 AM on the dates listed below.

​February 11:  Maryland Accessible Telecommunications

Formerly Maryland Relay, this state resource can help clients acquire cell phones, TTY equipment, and other communication devices.  The application process is easy and highly encouraged.  Learn about all of the programs offered and how you can benefit.

March 11:  Using GarageBand App to Create a Song

You have seen this app on your iDevice, and maybe you have even opened it once or twice.  In this presentation, you will learn how to create a song from scratch and how to make modifications.

April 8:  How to Upgrade to Windows 11

This operating system has been around for a while, and people champion its security strengths and applications.  Should you upgrade, and what is that process?

May 13:  Travel Tools and Apps

Whether you are traveling to another city, state or country, we will look at tools and resources that will help you get the most assistance for your venture.