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Woman at laptop, smart speaker in the forefront

​​Technology User Group: 2021

The Technology User Group is a gathering of like-minded individuals with varying degrees of technological skill meeting together to explore and discuss new technologies and services. Such technologies may include emerging advancements in blindness-related apps, but they also include older applications whose functions have been altered so that they now have properties to assist in the nonvisual arena. We are especially interested in technologies that aid in education, employment, and continued access to information. Meetings are held virtually via teleconference, please dial ​​ 319-527-4994. 

​For more information about the Technology User Group or to recommend a topic/technology for discussion, please contact:

Jerry Price, (410) 230-2446 or via email​​

Upcoming Events:

All events are currently being held via teleconference until further notice. No programs will be held in person. 
please dial ​ 319-527-4994​ at 10 AM on the dates listed below.

​August 13: NaviLens and Apple air Tags

Labeling and tracking just got a whole lot easier! Learn how to use these exciting new products.

September 10: Pixel phone

Has Android bridged the gap with Apple with this remarkable new device?

October 1: IOS 16 review and editing voice memos 

Every year we look for accessibility improvements in our I devices.  See what is new in this latest version of the Apple operating system.

November 5: AT Gifts for the Holidays

Our annual look at gadgets and gizmos that will make your holiday season a successful one.

December 10: 20 Websites to bookmark for 2023

Technology keeps changing and so do the websites that are useful in our everyday lives.  Find out why these 20 websites are so important for 2023.