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The Night Kitchen Podcast
Girl with space suit made of cardboard​​​

“Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another." - Plato

Maryland LBPD is premiering an astronomy podcast, called "The Night Kitchen" with Josh Urban- a musician, street astronomer, and speaker.  This 5 part weekly podcast will take you on a wild trip as we learn more about what is above us. All ages are welcome to listen in and learn.  But there is more!  We are also hosting a Reading Challenge sponsored by NASA @ My Library––an official NASA partner––that celebrates the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope in December. Throughout the challenge, readers will have access to virtual NASA @ My Library and NASA resources to gain new skills and explore educational and career pathways in Earth and Space Science.  

Josh Urban is a writer and storyteller.  Fascinated by the night sky from a young age, he delights in introducing audiences to the cosmos.  ​

​Episode 1: 

The Space Tour Bus Road Trip (How Big is Space?)

Space is a big place.  Take a trip as we explore the cosmos.  But, how long would it take? How far is it away? And could we ever get there? Take a listen to this episode to find out more. An additional reading list can be found here​. 


Episode 2:

Stargazing (What does the sky look like?) 

We are going out for a night of stargazing. Come along as we explore the night sky.  For thousands of years, people have been looking up at the sky and imagining shapes and pictures from the patterns of the stars.  The moon, the sun, and the stars...  let's explore them all in the Night Kitchen. ​​ Additional resources can be found here​.

Episode 3: 

Shooting Stars!  The Leonid Meteor Shower​

Are you ready for another sky event?  The Leonid Meteor Shower is coming! Meteors are raining down on earth all the time...up to 100 tons of material a day! But, we usually can’t see them...but how can we detect them? Join us in “The ​​Night Kitchen” as we serve stories about meteors or shooting stars. Additional resources can be found here​.

​​Episode 4:

How To Do Astronomy​

Do you want to know more about astronomy but just don’t know where to start?  Look no further as we delve into creative ways to do Astronomy.  Additional Resources can be found here​. 


​Epis​ode 5:

Things That Go Bump in the Night - Weird Stuff in the Universe​

​Bundle up, it’s getting cold outside, and Josh has a telescope set up. Let's see what we can find, right from his backyard!  Learn more about the Seven Sisters of Pleiades, Pegasus, and black holes as we observe the night sky. Additional resources found here​.​


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